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Because there are many things that can damage your smile, there are many dental treatments to solve those problems. Our dentist, Dr. James Johnson, is happy to offer some of those treatments to help you enjoy the top-notch smile and oral health you deserve. With the help of restorative dentistry, you can return your teeth and gums to their full health and function. Some treatments available for certain dental issues include:

-Dental fillings: Dental fillings can treat minor cavities. There are many different types of fillings available, but amalgam and composite fillings are the most often used. Composite fillings can also cosmetically enhance the smile.

-Dental crowns: Dental crowns can treat worn-down, broken, severely decayed, discolored and weak teeth. They replace the tooth enamel and restore full health and strength.

-Dental bridges: Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth (one tooth or several teeth in a row) and are attached to the natural teeth that remain on both sides of the gap in the smile.

-Dentures: Dentures are used to replace missing teeth, whether it’s all your teeth or just a few missing teeth in a row. Complete and partial dentures are available.

-Dental implants: Dental implants can replace your missing teeth and their roots. They are embedded in the jawbone to give you natural-feeling results.

For more information and details about how to treat dental problems in Houston, Texas, please contact our dental team when you get the chance. All you need to do is reach out to James A. Johnson, DDS by dialing 713.988.0536 and we will be happy to give you the answers and help you need. We look forward to hearing from you!