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Treating dental anxiety often depends on making sure you’re taking the necessary steps to remove concerns from your life associated with visiting your dentist or the dentist office. If you suffer from dental anxiety, it means you are worried about the oral health care treatments you may receive. In addition, fear of the unknown also plays a key role, so speak with your dentist to determine what treatments can be administered to ensure your oral health care can be given effectively.

Caring for your smile is important at all times. However, if you are suffering from anxiety, you may have reservations about going to the dentist office. However, dental anxiety treatments can be given once there. Your dentist can apply calming and relaxing music to help ease your mind and give you stress relieving toy such as fidget spinners and squeeze balls. Furthermore, you can work on your breathing patterns, and imagine yourself in a happy place that brings you joy. If necessary, numerous sedatives can be given to help alleviate anxiety or pain involving any complex surgeries or treatments you may need. Sedatives can range from mild relaxants up to anesthetics that could put individuals into a deep sleep.

Dental anxiety can be treated with the help of our team of experts at James A. Johnson, DDS. If you need a dentist in Houston, Texas, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. James Johnson at our dentist office, by calling us at 713.988.0536.