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Missing teeth are not a problem that needs permanently scar your appearance. For those with tooth loss, dentures are a pleasing fix that brings positive results.

While they may never feel exactly the same, today’s dentures look and feel better than ever before. As natural looking as your original teeth, modern dentures are custom-made to insert and detach easily in the mouth. They provide the necessary structure to the face that helps when speaking and eating.

Proper care is critical to keep the fit of your dentures comfortable and tight. Inevitably, with normal wear and tear, damage will occur and there will be changes to your mouth due to aging. So, it is important that you have annual check-ups with your dentist for repair and refitting from time to time.

In the interim, follow these tips when caring for your dentures:

– Dentures are fragile. If you drop them they may become damaged. So, you want to handle with extreme care. Even the short distance from your mouth to a countertop could spell disaster. Be sure to create a soft landing wherever you take them out.

– Be wary of your dentures drying out. Place them in a soaking solution when you are not wearing them.

– Warping can occur if dentures are put in hot water. To keep the fit tight, never clean with boiling water.

– Remove stains with daily brushing. This will also remove food and plaque from your dentures.

– Prior to inserting your dentures, thoroughly brush your tongue, palate, and gums to remove plaque and improve circulation.

– Never try to fix chipped or cracked dentures yourself. Broken or loose dentures are a sign that they need to be adjusted by your dentist. You do not want to accidentally damage them beyond the ability of your dentist to repair.

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