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Be careful what you consume. It is very easy to inadvertently bite into something too hard and suffer instantaneous tooth loss. In addition, the effects a poor diet can cause long term wear and tear on your dear teeth and gums. Fortunately, your smile can be protected by avoiding harmful ingredients.

The excitement of a better smile awaits with risky food avoidance. The key to understanding which foods to not eat includes the following:

– Sticky snacks like gummy worms and taffy can stick to your teeth and gums and cause damage to your mouth long after eating them.
– Sour candies have a low pH level and high acidity that can promote dental erosion and extreme tooth sensitivity.
– The acids in foods such as tomatoes and citrus fruits can drastically weaken tooth enamel and increase your risk for tooth enamel and cavities.
– Frequently, hard candies can chip and crack teeth, so always exercise caution when biting into hard products including corn kernels, candy apples, and lollipops.
– Sugars can be changed into harmful acids in your mouth that can cause dental erosion and cavities.

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