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Even before your baby has teeth, he or she is at risk of oral maladies. Within the first few days of birth, you should begin gently wiping your baby’s gums with a cotton pad or washcloth. When the first tooth appears, it’s time to begin brushing and flossing. The ADA also recommends taking your child to the dentist by his or her first birthday.

As your baby grows, he or she will begin drinking from a bottle. It’s important to limit the amount of sugary drinks he or she consumes. Instead, opt for water, milk or baby formula, especially if your baby goes to bed with a bottle. Sugary drinks (even the sugar in milk) can cause tooth rot.

Cavities can also be fought at meal and snack times. Healthy foods contain less sugar and acid than junk food, but certain foods actually boost dental health. Yogurt, cheese, apples, carrots, celery and almonds all keep teeth cleaner.

Regular dental checkups are the best way to catch cavities before they have the chance to fully form. Dr. James Johnson can tell you if your child is at risk of cavities or gum disease, as well as provide specified advice for your child’s individual needs.

If you have questions about cavity prevention in Houston, Texas, contact James A. Johnson, DDS. True to our name, we’re a family-centered practice that treats children of all ages.