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Toothaches can be inconvenient on top of being painful and uncomfortable. But they are more serious than just keeping you from fully enjoying your favorite foods. They can lead to major problems, and the longer treatment is put off, the worse it can be. Here is some information about toothaches and their treatment.

Toothaches are caused by abscesses in the tooth. An abscess is formed when bacteria infects the soft inner pulp of a tooth. This can happen when a tooth is cracked or has experienced decay, or if periodontal disease is present. Pus builds up at the tooth’s root in the jaw bone, forming the abscess. The infection can spread to the jaw bone and surrounding teeth. If left to its own devices, pain will increase and eventually the tooth may be lost.

Often treatment will require root canal therapy. Many people fear root canals, so let’s talk about them. You have probably heard horror stories about root canals, or even had a bad experience in the past. At James A. Johnson, DDS, your comfort is incredibly important to us. Advances in dental technology and anesthesia mean your root canal can be accomplished with minimal discomfort, especially if treatment is sought early. Root canal treatment involves removing the infected tissue in the tooth, cleaning and medicating it, and capping the tooth to seal it again. This can often be done in one or two visits.

Good oral hygiene habits and regular dental exams can prevent tooth abscesses, as well as detect them early. If you develop an abscess or currently suffer from tooth pain, call James A. Johnson, DDS in Houston, Texas, right away. Don’t wait to get your smile back.